1 oz/ 30mL Luxury White Sage Night Serum


1 oz/ 30mL Luxury White Sage Night Serum


Our ultra-rich decadent serum provides a deep emollient for the skin. Promotes circulation to skin and has anti-inflammatory benefits.  

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A combination of Sage and Rosemary essential oils aid in skin circulation. Both have anti-inflammatory properties. Which allow the skin to regulate oil and not react to dirt and oil on the skin, supporting a balanced complexion and a rosy glow. 

A breakthrough study on essential oils, led by Dr. Mahmoud A. Saleh, reveals thatRosemary possesses powerful antioxidant properties which are unleashed just by smelling the oils. The scent of sage and rosemary stop the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Making this blend a great choice for calming the skin.

Ingredients: Cold-Pressed Castor Seed Oil, Sage Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil

How to Use:

Wash face at night.  Emulsify small amount (1-2 drops) in hands and massage onto face.  Leaves your skin hydrated during the night. 

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